These Seattle Firefighters have successfully completed the SFD Good to Go Firefighter Fitness Confidence Course.
They are recognized for their leadership in firefighter fitness.

In 2018, Seattle Firefighters will have access to small group clinics modeled after the 2011 pilot program.  May thru October, Seattle Firefighters will have supervised access to the Seattle Fire Combat Fitness Course.  Participation is by appointment on scheduled dates.  The 2- hour session will include:

  • Brief Didactic: Evolution and Purpose of the Good To Go Initiative
  • Skills Orientation: Introduction and training on the 5 skills: Hose Carry, Hose Hoist, Chop/Force, Hose Drag, Rescue Drag
  • Timed Evolution: Wearing full PPE and SCBA, firefighters will complete the full course for a benchmark time. First time participants are proctored and walk the course at 75% effort.  Returning participants are encouraged to safely work up to a full effort.  All participants are reminded that safety is the highest priority. 

Firefighters who successfully complete the course in 6 minutes or less will receive a handsome T-Shirt (first time only), a certificate suitable for framing, and their name inscribed on the Seattle Fire Good To Go Honor Roll (see below).   Firefighters will be encouraged to return to the course for a periodic checkup / measurement of their fitness.  The Honor Roll will be updated with PR times achieved either at the Good to Go Course (certified by an approved proctor), or at any Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge competition.  In 2018 we hope to double the Good to Go Honor Roll membership.

Q:  Why me?  Why should I participate in this program?

A: Choose your answer(s) from list below:

  • Be a Leader in Firefighter Fitness: Associate with like-minded professionals who value firefighter fitness.  Adding your name to the Good to Go Honor Roll will boost the credibility and momentum of this effort to raise the bar.  The motivating force of the Honor Roll becomes stronger with every name added. 
  • Re-introduce yourself to the physical demands of firefighting.
  • Measure yourself against the gold standard: the world’s most recognized firefighter physical ability test.
  • Answer the question for yourself: Are you Good to Go?
  • Give yourself a benchmark to improve upon.
  • It’s FUN and it’s FREE!
  • If you believe a safe firefighter is a fit firefighter…
  • Sign up today!
  • 2-3 - hour session by appointment. 

Good To Go

The Need… An objective, job-related method of determining firefighter “Combat Readiness”
In a profession where brainpower must be coupled with brawn, it is essential that the work force be prepared for a host of eventualities. Firefighters are “Industrial Athletes” in every sense of the word. Fitness for duty does not occur by accident but must be planned for.

 The Solution
A non-punitive, incentive-based, scientifically validated, diagnostic work hardening and fitness assessment program

 The Mechanics
Brief classroom session is an overview of the Firefighter’s Survival Manual, examining medical research and the importance of lifestyle and risk factors for reducing the leading causes of Line of Duty Deaths (LODDs) and what firefighters can do to enhance their survival beyond the career and into retirement.  Hands-on training focuses on the biomechanics of five essential functions of structural fire suppression. Students rotate through the Climb/HoistForcible Entry and the Lift/ Drag stations.  The Essential Functions Test (EFT: the engine of G2G) is based upon a university-based, federally funded occupational health research study of the physical demands of structural fire suppression. Wearing full bunker gear and an Air-Pak, participants walk through the five sequentially linked tasks.  Successful completion in a time of 6:00 or less results in the award of the G2G tee and a certificate suitable for framing.

The Rational
You may claim that your Department has a physical fitness program; but absent objective (measurable) criteria, you really don’t know if you’re “good to go.”  Listen to what these firefighters had to say:

  • “This is the gut-check that every firefighter needs. The G2G eval gives you the confidence needed to work safely in the stressful environment of today’s fire suppression.”
  • “Why aren’t we all doing this?”
  • “The G2G program should be a part of every department’s preventive maintenance program.”​

The 2011 Seattle G2G Pilot Program

  • Presented by Dr. Paul Davis
  • On May 12-13, 2011, 79 SFD members (~8% of SFD) participated in the 1-day program at the JTF.
  • Participant group included 4 females.  Participant ages ranged from 23 to 61 years.  Participant median seniority: 13 years.  By every measure this group represented a cross-section of the SFD.
  • 76/79 (96%) successfully completed the EFT on first attempt (6 minute qualifying time).
  • Remaining members have all indicated a desire to re-attempt.
  • The Scott Air-Pak NxG7 was used by all participants.
  • A follow up survey was conducted.  The survey group was expanded to include all 79 participants and also all SFD members who have completed the Firefighter Combat Challenge Individual Event.  A total of 105 SFD members were invited to participate in the survey.  81 members participated in the survey (~8% of SFD).
  • Survey participants indicated a strong desire for this program to be available on a continuing basis to all SFD members.
  • World-renowned authority on firefighter fitness
  • Co-author of Hard Work: Defining Physical Work Performance Requirements
  • Creator of the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge
  • For a more complete description of Dr. Davis' credentials:​

Why Good To Go?

Good to Go 2018

In May 2011, 79 Seattle Fire Department members participated in a “Good to Go” (G2G) pilot training program.  G2G is a job-related,
​incentive based work hardening program developed for firefighters by Dr. Paul Davis;